We’re starting a MOVEMENT movement

Your team is the beating heart of your business. GoChallenge reconnects and re-energizes your workplace through exercise, common goals and smart technology.

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Why GoChallenge?

Let us help you take your business to the next level.

We passionately believe that your employee’s performance and your business’s bottom line are all intrinsically linked to your team’s personal wellbeing.

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We’ve brought together scientific know-how and cutting-edge technology to help your people and your business thrive in the new era of work.

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GoChallenge gives you everything you need to boost wellbeing in your workplace.

  • GoChallenge Dashboard

  • Success Manager

  • A company-branded app

  • Social Motivation

  • Push for prizes

  • Report with impact

We work with

GoChallenge works with most devices and apps in the market, including:

Flexible pricing plans

We have scalable pricing to suit all budgets and business size.

    GoChallenge One-off Plan €5 per user

    Best for businesses who want to run a fun team building event or give GoChallenge a try without the commitment

    GoChallenge Monthly Plan €4 per user per month, billed annually*

    Our structured plan runs across a whole year - we recommend this for businesses that want to create healthy habits across their workplace, no matter where the work happens.

    *You only pay for active users.

*You only pay for active users

More than 500 users? Contact us for customised pricing.

The GoChallenge Blog

Our team shares insights, tips and lessons learned about creating great workplaces, no matter where that work happens.
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Frequently asked questions

We will work with you to help create an educated estimate. This will be based on our experience with other customers. The good news is that our pricing is designed not to be punitive and it provides you with the flexibility to buy a lower amount of users initially, then see how many people join the GoChallenge. Once registration is complete, we will bill you for the updated, final user total. Remember you can add new users at any time.

Yes, our Success Team will work with you and can manage all aspects of your GoChallenge from beginning to end. Keeping you up to speed and making the initiative easy and light touch for you and your team.

Yes of course you can, we will apply the cost of the one-off GoChallenge towards the cost of your new Monthly plan. You will be billed for the difference and have access to multiple new GoChallenges straight away. Your Monthly plan access will end 12 months after your initial One-off GoChallenge purchase date.

Absolutely, we will work with you to provide a choice of GoChallenges. However, the per user price will remain at €5.

The onboarding service is a one hour call with our Success team to provide an overview of the GoChallenge Control Panel and to plan your first GoChallenge. We strongly recommend when doing a GoChallenge that you pay for the Success Manager service for the entirety of your GoChallenge contract. This will ensure greater levels of participation and success.

We are working on new GoChallenges that are focused on healthy eating and getting a good nights sleep. If you have any challenge ideas you’d like us to develop, contact us, we’d love to hear them.

If you’re on a monthly plan, you can cancel the contract and we will not charge you in the next billing cycle. We do not provide refunds.