Our Founders

John Barron


Dr. Caitriona Mooney

Director of Health and Wellbeing

Our Story

GoChallenge is a direct response to a real-world wellbeing problem.

John Barron and Dr. Caitriona Mooney (MD) established GoChallenge in a passionate effort to address two dangerous global trends:

  • Workplace stress and burnout is at an all-time high
  • People are now more sedentary than anytime in human history

Between them they bring over 40 years of business experience and insight, which has allowed them to carry out in-depth scientific research and identify robust solutions to a big, growing problem. By combining scientific knowledge and technology, they’ve built a system designed to tackle these issues head on. They’re now building a team of talented well-being and technical experts to join them in their mission.

What we stand for

Our values give us our ‘get up and go’ and make sure we’re putting people at the heart of everything we do.

We surprise and delight

We’re here to bring world-class experiences to a global audience, using technology to power memorable moments packed with excitement.

We go together

Want to go fast? Go alone. But if you want to go far, go together. We’re building a team culture of mutual respect, humility, and resilience, in which we raise each other up. Only together can we achieve our ambitious goals.

We’re strong movers

We’re in the business of movement, and when it comes to business, we move with confidence and aren’t afraid to shake things up and question the norm.

We’re open hearted

We challenge and care for our customers and colleagues in a generous, respectful and honest way, choosing to approach our work with a sense of pride, passion and possibility.

We’re for everyone

No one gets left behind. Inclusivity and accessibility underpin everything we do at GoChallenge – whatever your fitness, ability, gender, ethnicity, or background, we’ve got challenges to suit you.

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