The cornerstone of the GoChallenge solution:

What I thought would
make me productive
What actually does
We now know that to consistently perform at your best, to manage stress and avoid burnout a more balanced approach is required. One that includes healthy doses of exercise, sleep and good food.

Workplace wellness in numbers

Improvement in time management and workload completed
International journal of Workplace Health Management
More engaged with company’s mission and vision
Increased energy and motivation levels
Leeds Beckett University
OnePoll commissioned by Oxigen
Reduced levels of anxiety
Frontiers in Psychiatry
More productive
Oxford University - Saïd Business School

Employee Benefits

Positive mood and self esteem.

Stress buster = less sick days.

Increased energy and motivation.

Better nights sleep (productive days start the night before).

Increased brain function, improving focus.

Can reduce the risk of obesity, dementia, coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, breast and colon cancer.

Employer Benefits

Employees feel valued and supported

Improved connection, communication and collaboration across your business. More opportunities for shared learning.

Increased productivity.

Win the war on talent. Better team building, employee morale and retention.

Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism.

People feel more connected to their colleagues and the business’s culture no matter where their work happens.

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Our inclusive challenges are scientifically designed to create a deep sense of community, one based on trust, shared culture, values, support and mission.

The challenges help your people get a minimum of 30 minutes of the recommended daily aerobic activity in a time efficient and enjoyable way.

We enable your people to connect over something other than work across their teams, departments and countries. Helping your business to thrive in the new era of work.

The GoChallenge Mission, we use the power of movement, social connection and technology to help your people and business to thrive.

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