How to create a people-powered competitive advantage that causes workplace performance and satisfaction to skyrocket

As you know your key competitive advantage is always your people. Not your products or services, but the people powering your business. To enable your people to consistently perform at a high level you need to ensure and prioritise their physical and mental wellbeing. At GoChallenge we passionately believe that your employees’ mindset, their productivity levels, and your organisation’s bottom line are all intrinsically linked to your team’s personal wellbeing.

Recent research conducted by McKinsey with 5,774 employees in Australia, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States sheds fresh light on what employees are looking for and value most in this new era of work:

  • They want social and interpersonal interactions with their colleagues and managers, no matter where their work happens.
  • They want to feel a sense of belonging,  a sense of community and shared identity.
  • They want to believe in and feel that they’re contributing to their company’s mission and vision.

One of the key findings from this research is the fact that employees were far more likely to prioritise relational factors (friendships with colleagues), whereas employers were more likely to focus on transactional ones (salary).

So, how can you facilitate more social and interpersonal interactions, delivering the sense of community and belonging that employees are crying out for? At GoChallenge we deliver a bold new vision as to how organisations can enable these much sought after human aspects of work. We’ve carried out in-depth research to develop a science-fuelled, tech-powered wellbeing platform that connects people through exercise, social connection, and common goals.

Fig 1: GoChallenge App

The benefits of competing in our GoChallenges are a game changer for your people and your business.

  1. When co-workers exercise together, workplace performance and satisfaction skyrocket

By being part of a GoChallenge team participants are accountable to each other. ‘No shows’ get noticed by others and positive peer pressure can help curtail the urges to skip a day… or quit. GoChallenge was designed to lean into the “Köhler Effect”. This is the theory that no one wants to be the weakest link in a group setting. This translates to people pushing themselves to ensure individual and team success.

  1. Teams that exercise together, stay together

According to research, couples who exercise together stay together, and the same can be said for co-workers.  By cultivating a sense of community, we help your people to connect and bond over something other than work across their teams, departments, and countries. Completing the challenges as a team helps to improve friendships, trust and confidence in each other’s ability.  These are the key ingredients that power high-performing teams.

  1.  Life’s too short not to have fun at work 

Though fun at work is sometimes thought to be a distraction, research suggests that it has a positive impact on engagement, creativity, and purpose — increasing employee retention and reducing turnover. When we make time for some fun and laughter, we become more resilient. GoChallenge social features help to create a bond that comes when a unified group sweats, struggles, and grinds their way to achieve a challenge. This fosters a sense of community and enjoyment, because succeeding at a challenge is fun and success is always best shared.  

If you’re interested in seeing how your company can create a new people-powered competitive advantage please get in touch – we’d love to talk.

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