66% of workers feel disconnected from their colleagues. How can companies help?

According to recent research from Hubspot 66% of workers feel disconnected from their colleagues. This is understandable considering today’s dynamic and dispersed work environment forging new friendships has become a far more challenging task.

This is an alarming trend on businesses for the following 3 reasons:

  1. If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that people crave the human side of work. They want social and interpersonal interactions with their colleagues and managers. It can be difficult to achieve this when you’re working from your spare room.
  2. Employees who have a good friend at work are seven times more engaged in their job. Yes you read that right 7 times more engaged !! Without friendships good people feel isolated, lonely and are much more likely to leave your business.
  3. People that have workplace friends reduce the risk of burnout and are proven to be more productive and satisfied with their job. In short encouraging social interaction and friendship is a win-win for the employer and employee.

At GoChallenge we’re all about creating opportunities for friendship and connection across your organisation.  Here are three ideas on how you can develop a sense of connection and belonging in your business.

  1. Clear Communication
    Organisations must find ways of enhancing collaboration and internal alignment, especially when employees are physically disconnected. Ensure that crucial information and new developments are communicated effectively to ensure clarity of purpose.
  2. Your Company / Employee’s Goal Ensure all employees understand they’re working towards a worthwhile common goal and most importantly their role in achieving that goal.
  3. Create a team environment At GoChallenge we help you to cultivate a real sense of team and community. By doing our challenges your people can connect and bond over something other than work. Our challenges foster improved connectivity, trust and confidence in each other’s ability.

The challenges are designed to help you and your team develop a shared purpose; bust departmental silos; overcome turf wars; promote cross-company collaboration; share information and learnings effectively no matter where the work happens.

If you would like to know more about how you can improve connection in your organisation please contact us.


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